Neurons (taxon)

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CNS neurons
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Vascular cells

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Cell types

Cell types (clusters) assigned to the Neurons taxon.

Name Description
CBGRC Granule neurons, cerebellum
CBINH1 Molecular layer interneurons, cerebellum
CBINH2 Granular layer interneurons, cerebellum
CBNBL1 Neuroblasts, cerebellum
CBNBL2 Neuroblasts, cerebellum
CBPC Purkinje cells
CR Cajal-Retzius cells, hippocampus
DECHO1 Cholinergic neurons, septal nucleus, Meissnert and diagonal band
DECHO2 Cholinergic neurons, habenula
DEGLU1 Excitatory neurons, thalamus
DEGLU2 Excitatory neurons, hypothalamus
DEGLU3 Excitatory neurons, thalamus
DEGLU4 Excitatory neurons, thalamus
DEGLU5 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
DEINH1 Inhibitory neurons, thalamus
DEINH2 Inhibitory neurons, thalamus
DEINH3 Inhibitory neurons, hypothalamus
DEINH4 Inhibitory neurons, thalamus
DEINH5 Peptidergic neurons, hypothalamus
DEINH6 Peptidergic neurons, hypothalamus
DEINH7 Inhibitory neurons, hypothalamus
DEINH8 Inhibitory neurons, hypothalamus
DETPH Neuroblast-like, habenula
DGGRC1 Granule neuroblasts, dentate gyrus
DGGRC2 Granule neurons, dentate gyrus
DGNBL1 Granule neuroblasts, dentate gyrus
DGNBL2 Granule neuroblasts, dentate gyrus
ENT1 Nitrergic enteric neurons
ENT2 Nitrergic enteric neurons
ENT3 Nitrergic enteric neurons
ENT4 Cholinergic enteric neurons
ENT5 Cholinergic enteric neurons
ENT6 Cholinergic enteric neurons
ENT7 Cholinergic enteric neurons, VGLUT2
ENT8 Cholinergic enteric neurons, VGLUT2
ENT9 Cholinergic enteric neurons
HBADR Adrenergic cell groups of the medulla
HBCHO1 Cholinergic neurons, hindbrain
HBCHO2 Cholinergic neurons, hindbrain
HBCHO3 Afferent nuclei of cranial nerves VI-XII
HBCHO4 Afferent nuclei of cranial nerves III-V
HBGLU1 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU10 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU2 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU3 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU4 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU5 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU6 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU7 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU8 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBGLU9 Excitatory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH1 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH2 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH3 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH4 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH5 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH6 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH7 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH8 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBINH9 Inhibitory neurons, hindbrain
HBNOR Noradrenergic neurons of the medulla
HBSER1 Serotonergic neurons, hindbrain
HBSER2 Serotonergic neurons, hindbrain
HBSER3 Serotonergic neurons, hindbrain
HBSER4 Serotonergic neurons, hindbrain
HBSER5 Serotonergic neurons, hindbrain
HYPEP1 Peptidergic neurons, hypothalamus
HYPEP2 Peptidergic neurons, hypothalamus
HYPEP3 Peptidergic neurons, hypothalamus
HYPEP4 Oxytocin-producing cells, hypothalamus
HYPEP5 Vasopressin-producing cells, hypothalamus
HYPEP6 Orexin-producing neurons, hypothalamus
HYPEP7 Pmch neurons, hypothalamus
HYPEP8 Peptidergic neurons, hypothalamus
MBCHO1 Cholinergic neurons, midbrain red nucleus
MBDOP1 Dopaminergic neurons, periaqueductal grey
MBDOP2 Dopaminergic neurons, ventral midbrain (SNc, VTA)
MEGLU1 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU10 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU11 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU14 Glutamatergic projection neurons of the raphe nucleus
MEGLU2 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU3 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU4 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU5 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU6 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU7 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU8 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEGLU9 Excitatory neurons, midbrain
MEINH1 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH10 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH11 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH12 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH13 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH14 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH2 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH3 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH4 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH5 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH6 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH7 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH8 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MEINH9 Inhibitory neurons, midbrain
MSN1 D1 medium spiny neurons, striatum
MSN2 D2 medium spiny neurons, striatum
MSN3 D2 medium spiny neurons, striatum
MSN4 D1 medium spiny neurons, striatum
MSN5 Patch D1/D2 neurons, striatum
MSN6 Matrix D1 neurons, striatum
OBDOP1 Dopaminergic periglomerular interneuron, olfactory bulb
OBINH1 Inhibitory neurons, olfactory bulb
OBINH2 Inner horizontal cell, olfactory bulb
OBINH3 Inhibitory neurons, olfactory bulb
OBINH4 Inhibitory neurons, olfactory bulb
OBDOP2" Inhibitory neurons, olfactory nulb
OBINH5 External plexiform layer interneuron, olfactory bulb
OBNBL1 Neuroblasts, olfactory
OBNBL2 Neuroblasts, olfactory bulb
OBNBL3 Neuroblasts, olfactory bulb
OBNBL4 Inhibitory neurons, olfactory bulb
OBNBL5 Inhibitory neurons, olfactory bulb
PSNF1 Neurofilament (NF1), DRG
PSNF2 Neurofilament (NF4/5), DRG
PSNF3 Neurofilament (NF2/3), DRG
PSNP1 Non-peptidergic (TH), DRG
PSNP2 Non-peptidergic (NP1.1), DRG
PSNP3 Non-peptidergic (NP1.2), DRG
PSNP4 Non-peptidergic (NP2.1), DRG
PSNP5 Non-peptidergic (NP2.2), DRG
PSNP6 Non-peptidergic (NP3), DRG
PSPEP1 Peptidergicv (PEP2), DRG
PSPEP2 Peptidergic (PEP1.3), DRG
PSPEP3 Peptidergic (PEP1..4), DRG
PSPEP4 Peptidergic (PEP1.1), DRG
PSPEP5 Peptidergic (PEP1.2), DRG
PSPEP6 Peptidergic (TrpM8), DRG
PSPEP7 Peptidergic (TrpM8), DRG
PSPEP8 Peptidergic (TrpM8), DRG
SCGLU1 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU10 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU2 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU3 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU4 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU5 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU6 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU7 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU8 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCGLU9 Excitatory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH1 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH10 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH11 Central canal neurons, spinal cord
SCINH2 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH3 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH4 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH5 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH6 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH7 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH8 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SCINH9 Inhibitory neurons, spinal cord
SEPNBL Neuroblasts, septum
SYCHO1 Cholinergic neurons, sympathetic
SYCHO2 Cholinergic neurons, sympathetic
SYNOR1 Noradrenergic erector muscle neurons
SYNOR2 Noradrenergic neurons, sympathetic
SYNOR3 Noradrenergic neurons, sympathetic
SYNOR4 Noradrenergic erector muscle neurons
SYNOR5 Noradrenergic erector muscle neurons
SZNBL Neuronal intermidate progenitor cells
TECHO Cholinergic interneurons, telencephalon
TEGLU1 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU10 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU11 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU12 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU13 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU14 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU15 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU16 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU17 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU18 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU19 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU2 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU20 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU21 Excitatory neurons, hippocampus CA1
TEGLU22 Excitatory neurons, amygdala
TEGLU23 Excitatory neurons, hippocampus CA3
TEGLU24 Excitatory neurons, hippocampus CA1
TEGLU3 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU4 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU5 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU6 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU7 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU8 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEGLU9 Excitatory neurons, cerebral cortex
TEINH1 Inhibitory neurons, pallidum
TEINH10 R-LM border Cck interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH11 R-LM border Cck interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH12 Non-border Cck interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH13 Trilaminar cells, hippocampus
TEINH14 CGE-derived neurogliaform cells Cxcl14+, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH15 CGE-derived neurogliaform cells, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH16 Ivy and MGE-derived neurogliaform cells, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH17 Axo-axonic, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH18 Basket and bistratified cells, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH19 Hippocamposeptal projection, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH2 Inhibitory neurons, septal nucleus
TEINH20 Inhibitory interneurons, hippocampus
TEINH21 Sleep-active, long-range projection interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH3 Inhibitory neurons, telencephalon
TEINH4 Interneuron-selective interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH5 Interneuron-selective interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH6 Interneuron-selective interneurons, cortex/hippocampus
TEINH7 Interneuron-selective interneurons, hippocampus
TEINH8 Interneuron-selective interneurons, hippocampus
TEINH9 Non-border Cck interneurons, hippocampus

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